TALAN TOWERS EXECUTIVE HUB – state-of-the-art serviced offices designed in the club-format concept. For international companies and business people, we offer a new way of doing things: managed workspaces, which allow our customers to focus on business and to pay just for the space they occupy during the period of the lease, without having to worry about management or the other issues associated with leasing office space.

Ready-made flagship offices on a short-term lease provide the opportunity to work surrounded by Kazakhstan’s business elite and to hold important meetings and presentations in the most prestigious complex in the capital.

TALAN TOWERS EXECUTIVE HUB offers customers a new format for doing business, enabling them to focus on business and to pay only for the occupied space and rental period without thinking of management and maintaining the office space.


Talan Towers Offices, where the EXECUTIVE HUB is located, is an A-Class business centre in the capital’s business and administrative centre.

The famous American firm of architects, Skidmore, Owings & Miller (SOM), developed the architectural concept. Their portfolio includes Burj Khalifa, Trump Tower Chicago, and Freedom Tower. The London office of Perkins + Will, a global flagship in office-space design, worked on the interiors of the Talan Towers offices.

Talan Towers is the first multifunctional complex in Kazakhstan to be awarded the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) international certificate in the GOLD category.


Furniture from renowned brands in Italy (Arper) and the USA (HermanMiller) was selected for the project. The particular brands chosen manufacture functional office furniture with a particular focus on health. Their approach has changed and continues to change the world of furniture.

SredaLab design solutions studio carefully handpicked the interior design items and designed the navigation pictograms and accessories for TALAN TOWERS EXECUTIVE HUB. Its co-founder, Anastasia Leonova, is a young and talented Kazakhstani designer who has taken part in and won awards at numerous international design fairs in London, Milan, and Moscow.


For relaxation after a long flight in order to deal with jetlag or to take a nap in the office.

EnergyPod is a world first: a sleeping capsule for use at work. It was developed by the American Sleep Association and McLaren’s ergonomics engineers.

EnergyPod creates the ideal environment for a thirty-minute sleep:

a lockable dome shuts out
everything happening outside

the chair bends to the optimum angle in order to take pressure off the bloodstream and the lower-back muscles

white noise relaxes and soothes the mind


At TALAN TOWERS EXECUTIVE HUB, we have made sure that the promotion of a healthy lifestyle is built into the design of the Hub. This is something which is becoming standard for many companies which care about their employees’ health.

Not everyone has the time and opportunity to take part in exercise or sport before or after work and so we have organised a small exercise area equipped with an indoor running track, a climbing frame, a basketball hoop, a ballet barre, yoga mats, and its own sound system.

Doing exercise or yoga, you can choose your favourite music tracks and really enjoy a workout.

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