Resilient companies and teams are run by individuals who see their workplace as a space of creativity, development, trust and support.

The COVID-19 pandemic, however, has shifted the way we work, putting forward the requirements we must take into account.

Having returned to work, we strive to re-connect with what we missed most – communication with other people and resuming professional and social interaction with colleagues and partners.

International studies* show 3 top concerns employees have when going back to offices:
In May 2020, we developed and introduced a complex plan for your safe return to the TALAN TOWERS EXECUTIVE HUB offices.
Our plan aims to provide physical and emotional comfort for our tenants and guests.

*Stantec, Workplace Transformation Survey, 2020


Ventilation equipment and air conditioning systems were cleaned and disinfected
Filters on supply and exhaust machines and fan coil units were replaced in common areas
Supply and exhaust machines are switched to intake the outdoor air; air recirculation is switched off


Seating in offices, meeting rooms, in the kitchen and canteen is rearranged to meet the social distancing requirements
Floor markers are installed in the elevator cabins and common areas
Mail receipt is contactless

Cleaning & disinfection

Frequency of surfaces treatment is increased and includes door handles, elevator call panels, turnstiles, buttons.
Hand sanitising stations are installed in common areas
Rooms and surfaces are cleaned and disinfected using WHO-approved special solutions

Re-organisation of work spaces and processes

Employees and tenants are provided with personal protective equipment
Contactless thermometry at entrances; employee health monitoring is conducted using express testing, PCR testing and ELISA
Visuals are installed to remind on basic hygiene practices – regular hand washing, not touching the face, using skin sanitisers
*TTEH Spaces and Surfaces Cleaning and Disinfection Protocol in the COVID-19 context


COVID-19 has proven to be a test of resilience to global challenges. In this new reality, Talan Towers Executive Hub is ready to evolve and take care of the well-being of its residents.

We highly appreciate our engineers, cleaning team, security service, always responsive receptionists and the whole team for the relentless work to ensure our safety in the workplace.

We are grateful to our tenants and guests for their understanding and cooperation in reducing the risks of spread of the virus.

We sincerely wish health and prosperity to you and your loved ones.

Best regards,

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